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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

“You know vishu? Vedi Vedi Vedi…….”

“You know vishu? Vedi Vedi Vedi…….”

It was Jibi`s explanation on Vishu (festival of Harvest in Kerala) to Rajeev Lolan..GB Polson one of the Achayan Trio in NITC DIT 2000 batch is originally from Kannur .He started his computer life in the year of 2000, as like all software professionals and software learners he too had worried about the dot com failure happened on that time and the recession caused. So as an alternative to survive, he joined achayan`s mangalasseri casino and became a brainy gambler .Jibi was the spin bowler in Sree Jyothi 11, his dancing skills got him selected to perform in Knock Out bangara 2003.

Being the founder member of Kudlu Thallaappees he contributed a lot in events like ‘Fiesta Al Festa’,’kudlu koottathallu’. Jibi thinks highly of modeling, so he has got a big circle of friends in modeling world. He is a best friend of legendary models like Nazib Ketz, Danesh Peringtor.

After completing his graduation from Bangalore, he relocated to Kochi along with his counter parts Achu Amlaki, Hari Kumar Karanthoor and started earning his bread as a software engineer. As like all techies he also changed few companies to make himself comfortable in the career life.

Recently joined as a senior software engineer in one of the well known software firm in the capital city of kerala.There he happened to meet his soul mate Asha, one of his colleagues. Now they are going to get married on 03 May 2008.

Conversation with Jibi

eK : When you fall in love, how would you feel?

Jibi: I asked this question to myself countless times, and even now as I speak, I cannot help but reflect on those times when I did fall in love - madly, fondly and blindly.

eK: What is your insight about married life?

Jibi : Marriage is a personal union between a man and a woman. And of course everything in life is an experiment.

eK : How was your past experiments in life?

Jibi : My experiments with Fevicol was a failure but still there are many successful experiments like iorn box burning illusion etc.

eK: Any honeymoon trips planned?

Jibi: (smilng) nothing planned yet...but we will not miss Begur and Garvebhavi palaya.

Team eKahalam wishes Jibi a happy and successful married life.